Important Things Are Too Dangerous To Talk About With Strangers

It’s all about the relationship

“In my neighborhood, if somebody comes up and says, “Hey Bob, this is Joey, he’s a friend of ours.  He wants to talk to you”. I don’t say, “What about”? And Joey doesn’t say, “I want to discuss X Y & Z”.

 He says, “Come sit down.  Have something to eat.”  Then we sit and get to know each other. We talk about our families. We talk sports or politics. We talk about …whatever.  And IF we get comfortable with each other, issues can be brought up.

But, the relationship comes first, because important issues are too dangerous to be brought up between strangers.”

 EATING WITH THE ENEMY   Robert Egan  St Martin’s Press

Wise guy references aside, this IS an important point.  If you want to “talk” to someone about IMPORTANT issues, then you have to establish a relationship.

Ignore this and  YOU will be ignored.

In the Pizza Biz we deal with very important issues…  Food  & Money

If you want to get into a conversation with your customers, you need to give them a GOOD REASON why they should talk to you.

 The bar has been raised… and raised high

 Platitudes like    Great Taste… and    Old World Flavor…   DON’T CUT IT ANYMORE

You have to establish the relationship with your potential customer to get them to buy from you AND you have to CEMENT the relationship with your current customers to get them to KEEP buying from you.

It ain’t easy,  but it IS rewarding…

Stay  Sharp,


PJ Giannini

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