PJ here. While I’m usually not shy about writing, I’m not a big fan of the “about” pages. I’ve always found them difficult to write without sounding like just plain bragging.

When I tell you about myself below, just remember that I’m honestly not trying to name-drop or highlight my accomplishments … although that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. It’s just something most people want to read about, so here goes…

I’ve been a featured speaker at the major Pizza Shows all around the country, including the

  • New York Pizza Show
  • The Orlando Pizza Show
  • The NAPICS Shown (Ohio)
  • The Ideal Food Show (Indiana)

I’ve written for PMQ Magazine on a consistent basis and I’ve been on the show floor in Las Vegas more often than I care to remember, meeting literally HUNDRED’S of Pizzeria Owners in the process!

I’ve been interviewed by National Public Radio, quoted, consulted with Pizzeria Owners and credited by some for getting them on the road to success.

The last few years I’ve taken a step back from the ‘circuit’ and made the decision to commit the time and effort needed to get PIZZA PROFIT SYSTEMS up and running and ready to help Pizzeria Owners.

Let me tell you this, NO BODY falls from the Heavens Fully Formed! I’ve learned a lot from some of the Biggest Names In American Direct Marketing… literally and figuratively ‘Sitting at The Feet Of The Masters” and paying a SMALL FORTUNE for the privilege. And it really was a privilege.

The names might not mean much to the average guy, but these are the TITANS of the Direct Marketing World. Just about everybody and anybody you see with a marketing “Ax To Grind” today got their stuff from these guys.

In building Pizza Profit Systems, I’ve created a LOT of products. Including, a membership site and a coaching programs with more to come. You will see most of them listed at in the navigation bar to the right… look for more to come!


If you asked me why I thought it was so important that I launch Pizza Profit Systems, I’d have to point to 3 things that I felt were missing from the Pizzeria Marketing world.

1. Affordable system
There’s a TON of HIGH END stuff out there today. Things that have price tags in the THOUSANDS and require big dollar technology investments with monthly fees to boot. I wanted to price this at a level that ANY Pizzeria Owner could afford.

2. Real world knowledge
There’s real hard knowledge about marketing that’s tailored to your biz, the Pizza Biz. I wanted to put that knowledge IN YOUR HANDS.

3. Easily Digestible Bit Sized Chunks
No overwhelming computer programs / No huge BOOK THAT’S THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD/ No “Indiana Jones” secret scrolls to interpret. I wanted Easy to follow, once a week lessons with Step By Step Assignments.

That’s it. End of story. You get what you need, nothing else.

Of course, there are variables and nuances in every one of these things. And there is NO MAGIC PIXIE DUST that’s gonna jump off the pages and do the work for you… just ain’t happening. But if you follow the steps and do the work…

Any way, that’s what this is about:
An affordable system Real world knowledge Easily Digestible Bit Sized Chunks

On a personal note, I lead a quite normal life, not a” high flier” by any means. I work because I like to, and I work at what I like. I’m involved in Martial Arts – been doing it for better than 30 years. I’ve competed on an international level and still maintain my competitors license. Though I rarely compete these days, I still treat it the same serious way. I ’m committed to doing honest business with as many Pizzeria Owners that can benefit from my work as possible and to giving honest value for the cost of my programs.

Anyway, that’s who I am. That’s what I do. I urge you to focus on those BASIC things that will move your Pizzeria Business forward. That’s what you need. Everything else is a distraction.

I’ll close with one of my favorite quotes that always motivates me to TRY things.

Do Something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else!

Franklin D Roosevelt